Anchor-handling winches

Brusselle has built up an international reputation for the high-quality design and construction of its heavy-duty towing winches.

We provide anchor-handling and towing winches, single and multi-drums in line and waterfall types. These winches can be electric-, hydraulic-driven or driven by diesel engine for pulling forces up to 4.000 kN, mostly made to order. (see also towing winches)

Anchor-handling winches, also used during salvage activities, are custom-built and delivered ready for fitting. The design and construction of Brusselle winches is performed in close consultation with a vessel’s designer and its owner in order to meet his specific requirements, such as high speed payout saving operational time. The winch control is very accurate, vibrations are avoided and noise level is limited. Our anchor-handling winches are equipped with a frequency controlled electric motor.


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