Anchor-mooring winches

Brusselle anchor/mooring and mooring winches are available in a wide variety of versions with nominal pull ranging from 50 kN to 3.000 kN and are commonly custom-made.

Anchor winches are also available as stand-alone winches; look for the possibilities with regard to the anchor part on the webpage of the anchor winches.

The provisions of the classification regulations apply, in accordance with the classification of the vessel (BV, LROS, DNV, GL, CCS, etc.).

On one and the same winch, a chain wheel, one or several mooring drums (whether or not split in a working drum and a storage drum) and one or several warping heads can be mounted.

Where hydraulic drive is requested, Brusselle can power this through the vessel’s own main hydraulic system or through a hydraulic power pack supplied with the winch assembly.

Mooring winches can be equipped either with manual control or auto-tensioning.(see also mooring winches)


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