Anchor winches

Anchor winches, are used to drop and weigh anchor. The anchor winches, also called windlasses mainly have a safety function on the ship and are obligatory on board of every ship or pontoon.

Anchor winches from Brusselle are always inspected and certified. The requirements of the classification apply, in accordance with the classification of the vessel (BV, LROS, DNV, GL, RINA, CCS,…).

The gipsy wheel or chain wheel is an essential part of the anchor winch on which the stud link chain runs when the anchor is dropped (veer or pay out function) or weighed (hoist or haul function).

The diameter of the anchor chain varies between 19 and 120 mm and can vary in quality. A higher quality chain, more specifically quality U3 compared to U2 or U1, can take greater forces for the same diameter.

Windlasses can be executed in vertical or horizontal layout and can be powered hydraulically, electrically or by a diesel engine. Double version and split versions are possible, as well as the combination with a mooring winch ( see anchor mooring winch) ,towing winch or other. Usually these winches are equipped with a warping head on the main shaft.

Local control (haul/stop/veer) and emergency stop are mounted on the winch. Anchor winches can be supplied with a brake and dog clutch, which are in most cases to be operated manually.


Chain stoppers

The chain stopper, mounted on deck on a small distance from the winch, allows the chain to be blocked when the anchor is weighed. Also the chain stopper is used to transfer the large forces in the chain to the ship’s structure during operation.

Suitable chain stoppers are available in the following executions:

  • - Wardill-type chain stopper
  • - Roller-type chain stopper
  • - Bow-type chain stopper
  • - Special custom-made executions

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