Mooring winches

A mooring winch is essential for mooring a ship correctly. The mooring winch is often combined with an anchor winch (see anchor mooring winches) and usually combined with a warping head.

Swell, tide and wind ensure that the length of the mooring line must be adjusted regularly. This can be done manually or automatically whereby the force remains constant and the drum remains directly connected to the engine. The force on the cable is set to the desired torque on the bridge. Wind forces can still cause the ship to drift when auto-mooring (constant tensioning) is on.

Design and performance are carried out in strict accordance with the vessel’s mooring requirements and winches can be provided as single or multi drum.

Brusselle anchor/mooring and mooring winches are available in a wide variety of versions with nominal pull ranging from 50 kN to 3.000 kN.

Various automation and remote control functions can also be included.


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