Trawl Winches

Brusselle trawl winches are available in different executions and can be either hydraulically or electrically driven. Nominal winch pull ranges from 20 kN to 600 kN.

We supply trawl winches for both existing and new-built beam trawler and industrial trawlers. Each is custom-built and designed for specific applications like bottom trawling, pelagic trawling, beam trawling or for purse-seining. Trawl winches can be constructed in a mono-block and split execution, conventional and multi-drum execution, with the drums in line or in a waterfall arrangement. Brusselle also manufactures giant multi-drum winches for factory trawlers.

Plenty of possibilities

Brusselle trawl winch assemblies can be complemented by all types of auxiliary winches, such as sweep line-, fleeting-, Gilson-bag winches and cod-end equipment.

Customers can opt for a concept with drum jaw clutch or friction type, clutch drum brakes in a self-releasing execution, pneumatic or electric-pneumatic remote controls, a synchro-balance control or a safety control system.

Starting with the basic standard types of 1 or 2 main drums, the whole series is conceived to be equipped with auxiliary drums if needed or demanded.

Increased interest in twin-rig gear requires adequate application of mechatronic in winch design. Our new systems incorporate gear-mounted monitoring equipment and automatic winch controls, designed to ensure that twin-rig trawls are towed evenly and are moving in and out on the forces of waves.


Sustainable fishing

Where the bottom is unsuitable for beam trawling, other trawling is used. In twin-rig fishing, two equal nets are used and less propulsion power is required. This way of fishing is more sustainable and especially interesting for trawlers with a smaller capacity and so called eurokotters. The twin-rig winches can be installed on existing and new trawlers.

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